Safdarjung Hospital was founded in 1942 during the Second World War as a Base Hospital for the allied forces. It was taken over by the Govt. of India in 1954 under the Ministry of Health. It has grown over the years into one of the largest, tertiary, level multi-disciplinary healthcare institutions in this part of the World. Based on the needs and developments in Medical Care, the hospital has been regularly upgrading its facilities from diagnostic and therapeutic aspects in all the specialties. The hospital which started with only 204 beds now has 1531 authorized beds. The hospital provides medical care to millions of citizens not only of Delhi and the neighboring states but also to people of neighboring countries.

Facilities are available  

in Safdarjung Hospital

  1. 24-hour casualty and emergency services for all kinds of patients coming

from all parts of India and also for foreign nationals visiting India.

  1. Indoor facilities i. e admission of patients in the ward of various disciplines of


  1. 24-hour Inquiry services for guiding people on the phone and in-person

regarding availability of medical facilities in the hospital.

  1. 24 hours ambulance services for shifting patients to and fro from the hospital.  
  2. 24-hour clinical laboratory investigation services for patients coming to

casualty & emergency departments.

  1. X‐ray, ultrasound, and CT scan facilities round the clock.  
  2. Chairs in sufficient quantity for patients and their relatives.
  3. Safe drinking water available for patients and their relatives.
  4. Neat and clean toilets male as well as female, manned by safai karamcharis in all parts of hospital
Department Name Details
Anaesthesia       Location:   Main O.T. Block 

     Ground floor: PAC room & Chambers of Head of the department and faculty

     First Floor: ENT OT and Emergency Operation theatre

Second Floor: General Surgery OT, Urology , Cancer Surgery OT.

Third floor : Orthopaedic OT,Arthroscopic OT  & Paediatric Surgery OT

Fourth Floor : Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery OT & Neurosurgery OT

Blood Bank and transfusion and Pathology BLOOD BANK & TRANSFUSION MEDICINE

Location –   IInd floor CSSR building

Faculty – Dr. J. S. Dhupia –Consultant and HOD

    Dr.D.S.Rawat—Senior Specialist and the Unit Incharge

    Dr. Rekha Tirkey – Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Sachin Bajaj – Medical Officer 

Burns and Plastic Safdarjung Hospital burns unit is the largest burns unit of the world as far as patient turnover is concerned.The deptt. was set up in 1962 as a separate department in the hospital under the charge of a Plastic Surgeon. It started as a regional centre for burns under the National Health Scheme by the Ministry of Health with a few beds which increased to 54 in 1977 to the current bed strength of 108. It is the only unit where all the ancillary facilities are available under one roof. It also has its own separate Casualty for burn patients where they are received directly . The deptt. Is now in its 50th year of  existence. It attracts patients not only from Delhi but also from adjoining states of U.P, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal Pradesh, M.P, and far off states like Bihar, Assam  & J&K.

Location: The building is located opposite the Medical Record Section besides Blood Bank & CSSR Deptt.

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery- CTVS Department of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, V.M.M.C & Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi -110029



                                          OPD ROOM NUMBERS- 114,115, 116 & 117


Central Institute of Orthopedics(CIO) Introduction

The Central Institute of Orthopaedics (CIO) is a pioneering institute of its kind in India. The institute was established by the Govt. of India while implementing third five years plan in 1962 with duly approved by the planning commission with the philosophy & objective to provide the comprehensive management to the patients in the field of Orthopaedics related to the diagnostics, surgical & rehabilitative services.The institute was founded for the proper orthopaedics care to the suffering of humanity and also to develop as excellent model for services, teaching, training & researches in Orthopaedics.  Today the CIO due to its reputation as a unique center in the management of Orthopaedics cases with advanced technology draws the patients not only from the India but also from neighboring countries.Recognizing the diverse needs of Orthopaedics patients, the CIO is first center in India to start highly specialized working unit.

Cancer surgery

Introduction: The Department of Cancer Surgery is doing surgery only for Cancer Cases. All types of Cancer except brain cancer are operated in the department

Location of Department:- H’ BLOCK FIRST FLOOR IN FRONT OF WARD –15

Location of the ward:- Ward –15, ‘H’ Block First FloorLocation of OPD  

Dental Surgery

                            Dr. G.M. Bhardwaj

Professor & HOD

Senior Maxillofacial Surgeon

Phone: 26190953

Dermatology The department was set up in 1956 for specialized tertiary care of patients with dermatological disorders including leprosy and STD.


new OPD Building VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

   ENT The Department of Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) at the Central Government controlled Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital is one of the busiest ENT Departments in the country.

  • It caters to patients suffering from various Ear diseases, Nose and Para Nasal Sinus diseases, Larynx and Voice Disorders as well as Head & Neck cancer cases.
  • More than 500 patients daily attend the outpatients department.
  • Daily 10-15 patients are operated in the two elective OTs besides 4-5 cases in the emergency OT.
  • The Department runs the ENT Tumor Clinic once a week and Endoscopy Clinic thrice a week.
  • Medical staff includes 06 Faculty members (05 Professors and 01 Associate Professor) and 07 Medical Officers (02 Senior CMO (SAG), 02 CMO (NFSG) & 03 MOs).
  • Resident Staff includes 10 Senior Residents and 20 Postgraduate students.


Prof (Dr.) Shantanu Mandal

Professor, Consultant & HOD (ENT) 

  1. UNIT INCHARGE                                                                                                         

   UNIT         NAME OF UNIT I/C                                     DAYS


      II      PROF (DR.) HIMANI LADE                      TUESDAY/FRIDAY

     III      AND MORE………..

Endocrinology The department of Endocrinology deals with hormonal and metabolic problems, This includes :

— Diabetes

— Thyroid disorders

— Diseases involving the pituitary gland, adrenal glands and gonads etc.

— Cases of Pediatric Endocrinology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Metabolic bone diseases are also seen .                                                      

  • Hospital Services-(ETC)

INTRODUCTION: – The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology was established in the year 1987, to cater to the medico-legal work of South-West district of Delhi. In those days about 900 post-mortem examinations were conducted annually.

In the initial stages the department was run by the CMOs and in phases Specialists joined the department. Currently the department is run by Senior Specialists/ Consultants, Director Professor, Professors and Associate Professors.

In the year 2001, the department established its teaching wing in Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and now regularly runs an undergraduate teaching programme for about 150 medical students.

In the year 2002-2003, the autopsy centre was modernized and facilities like venti………..

Haematology The department of hematology is one of the oldest departments to cater the needs of the patients who are suffering from various hematological illnesses. The department is providing diagnostic and therapeutic measures to the patients. The department has a separate hemat-pathology laboratory for specialized investigations in hematology.


Office:H-Block extension, 3rd Floor, Ward 36

Indoor:Ward 36, H-Block Extension, 3rd Floor

 5 beds on Male Side ,5 beds on Female side

Hematology Lab:H-Block Extension, 1st Floor

OPD:Ground Floor H-Block extension room no. 5&7

Homeopathy Homoeopathic Treatment Centre

New O.P.D. Building, Room No. 226 & 227, 2nd  Floor,

Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi:Under Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, 61-65, Institutional Area, D-Block, Janakpuri,

New Delhi-110058.


1.    Title of the Research Project:     – To Treat the Acute & Chronic Diseases   – To Clinically evaluate the role of homoeopathic medicines in the management of HIV/AIDS.

2.     Name of the Unit:  Homoeopathic Treatment………..

Medicine Department                           MEDICINE DEPARTMENT

INTRODUCTION  : The Department of Medicine is one of the largest Departments of Safdarjang Hospital & VMMC.  The Department provides comprehensive health care to patients in Indoor and outdoor Departments.  Round the clock emergency services are provided in Emergency Ward-A.  Besides posting two physicians from the department of Medicine to VVIP duty every month, the department has to provide doctors for various disasters and Health Mela’s & Amarnath Yatra etc. on a regular basis.The Department of Medicine is also running the special clinics for Geriatric patients, Rheumatology Clinic, Gastroenterology Clinic(G.E Clinic) & ART Centre. The Medicine Department is running two parallel medical OPDs for General patients and CGHS beneficiaries. The daily attendance is around (1000+600 patients). The medicine department is admitting nearly 90-110 patients each day, who are managed by one unit by rotation. During the time of outbreaks (i.e. Dengue, H1N1, Gastrocolitis etc.) the staff of medicine departments manages patients in specially created wards.

Location :Medicine Office

  • Office of Head of Department Room No. 8 (Ground Floor), ‘H’- Block

Medicine Wards- ‘H’- Block

  • Ward -11      : 1st Floor         
  • Ward -12      : 2nd Floor
  • Ward-13       : 3rd Floor
  • Ward -14      : 1st Floor (Tetanus Ward)
  • Ward-16       : 2nd Floor

New Emergency block (Ward- A)

  • NEB : 6th Floor,     Casualty Block

OPD Services

  • Medicine OPD: 1st Floor, New OPD, B & C Wing, (Room No. 126- 152)

Monday To Saturday, 9.00 AM To 1.00 PM.  Phone NO. 26707307 & 26707230

  • Afternoon OPD : 1st Floor, OPD Block
  • Gastroenterology OPD : 1st Floor, New OPD, C wing 143 & 147

         Tuesday & Thursday– 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM

  • Rheumatology OPD : 1st Floor, OPD Block

        Friday : 2.00 PM To 4.00 PM

  • Geriatric Clinic : 1st Floor, New OPD, C Wing
Medical Oncology Introduction: The Department of Medical Oncology has been functioning as an independent department in this hospital since June 2008.

Office: Room No. 2, Ground floor,

H – block extension (Medical Oncology OPD)

Phone: 011- 26184467, 011-26707359,


OPD Services: Room No. 6, Ground floor,

H – block extension (Medical Oncology OPD)

Nuclear Medicine The Department of Nuclear Medicine at Safdarjung hospital is one of the oldest in the country. It offers state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to indoor patients and outdoor patients.The Department is equipped with the state-of-the-art modern diagnostic equipment Dual Head SPECT Gamma Camera (SPECT/CT) and computerized thyroid uptake system.

Both the general public and the beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Services are extended this benefit.

The department is located in the Ground Floor, H- Block.

Working Hours:9:00AM to 4:00 PM with a lunch break (Monday to Friday)

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Saturdays)

Closed on all gazetted holidays and Sundays

Registration Time:

9:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Monday to Friday)

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Saturdays)

Nephrology & Renal Transplant Medicine Faculty:

  1. Dr. Himanshu, MD DM Nephrology (Associate Professor. & Head)
  2. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, MD DM Nephrology (Associate Professor)


  1. Dr. Sanjiv Mahajan, MD DM Nephrology (Chief Medical Officer)
  2. Dr. Anupam Agarwal, MD DM Nephrology (Chief Medical Officer)
  3. Dr. Saurabh Kumar, MBBS, DNB Medicine (Medical Officer)
  4. Dr. Vikaas Sharma, MBBS, MD Pharmacology (Medical Officer)

Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplant Medicine is a Speciality Department in the Super Speciality Block of Safdarjung Hospital.

Department of Nephrology& Renal Transplant Medicine is a tertiary care centre and provides following facilities for the patients.


  1. Kidney TransplantDonor and Recipient workup, Immunosuppressive medicine induct………..
Neurosurgery Department of Neurosurgery is one of the earliest to provide neurosurgical facilities in Delhi.  Over the years it has kept pace with the modern developments and currently looks after approximately 9000 patients as outdoor attendance in addition to the emergency services.

Location:            H-Block, IInd Floor and OT-IVth floor

OPD days:              Tuesday and Thursday

Registration Time:    9-11.30 am

OPD room numbers:  326, 327 and 339

Obstetrics and Gynaecology The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is the largest department in Safdarjung Hospital, dealing with more than 30% of the total admissions of the hospital, and providing comprehensive medical care for safe motherhood, population stabilisation and protection of women’s health in all stages of their life. The department caters to women coming from all districts of the National Capital region and also gets referred patients from the neighbouring states.


The Outpatient services are provided daily on the 1st floor of the new OPD block.

There is a separate Casualty of Obstetrics & Gynaecology department that provides emergency services round-the-clock.

 The Maternity Block for indoor services is located at ………..

Ophthalmology Department of ophthalmology was established after the inception of SJH. It has three wings i.e. outdoor, indoor and operation theatre. The outdoor (OPD ) is located on the 4th floor, new OPD building, C-wing. Indoor (ward) is located on third floor H block (ward 17).The operation theatre is located in D wing 4th New OPD block. This department caters to the needs of the poorest of the poor of the society for routine, emergency and advanced eye care. This department is equipped with state of the art modern equipment. More than 200 patients are benefitted by outdoor, indoor, operative, investigative and speciality services of this department every day . Since the day of inception it has been involved in postgraduate teaching. Now it is involved in PG and UG teaching. This department is hosting workshops, CME and symposium from time to time
Paed Surgery Introduction: The department was established in 1969 for specialized care of pediatric and newborn surgical patients.

Inpatient services: The dept. has sanctioned bed strength of 50 patients. Apart from this there are 8 beds for neonatal patients in the nursery and additional 15 beds in the NEB. The ward has been divided into nursery (neonatal patients), emergency/critical care, post operative and general ward. All the rooms are equipped with bedside oxygen & suction facilities. Critical care room and nursery are equipped with 4 advanced pediatric ventilators.  For the care of these patients, apart from the nursing staff, the faculty is ably assisted by senior residents (8), Junior residents (8), who are posted in shifts. The department routinely performs minor surgical procedures like intercostal drainage, suturing of cut wounds and dressings in the dressing room attached to the ward. 

Paediatrics   Units              Unit Incharge                        Faculty 

  Unit la            Dr. Rani Gera                      Dr. Shobha Sharma, Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal, Dr. Amitabh

                                                                      Dr. Sumit, Dr. Richa

  Unit lb            Dr. Harish Chellani             Dr. Sandeep, Dr. Ratan, Dr. Bhawna,

                                                                      Dr. Meenakshi, Dr. Shamsuddin Hassan

  Unit lla           Dr. Pradeep Debata            Dr.Srilatha Baja  Dr. Kanika Kapoor Dr. Anita Yadav    

                                              Dr. Sumaira Khalil Dr. Archana Aggarwal

 Unit llb           Dr. Ajay Kumar                     Dr. Satish Meena, Dr. Archana Kashyap, Dr. Meetu 

                                                                       Dr. Pratima Anand Dr. Neelam Nath 

 Unit llla        Dr. Sugandha Arya                 Dr KC Tamaria  Dr. Satnam Kaur Dr. Ritamoni 

                                                                       Dr. Shobhna   Dr. Yogesh

 Unit Illb           Dr. KR Meena                      Dr. Rachna Sehgal  Dr. Isha Saini Dr. Amit

 S.No             Specialty clinic             Unit             Unit /C                      OPD days        Room No 

  1                    Chest Clinic                   2b           Dr. K.C.T amaria        Monday         230,236,237 

  2                  Adolescent Clinic           3a           Dr. Ritamoni C.           Monday         229

  3                  Neurology                      3b           Dr. Rachna Sehgal      Monday         228,238.239

  4    Gastroenterology,Hepatology   1b            Dr. Richa Mittal          Tuesday         230 

 5        High risk clinic                       NICU          Dr. Harish                  Tuesday   228,229,237,238

  6        Hematology-oncology          1b           Dr. Amitabh                Wednesday     228,229,237 

  7        Nephrology clinic                  1a      Dr. Shobha Sharma         Thursday          228,236,237 

  8        Cardiology Clinic                   2a         Dr. Rani Gera                 Friday               229

  9        Endocrinology                      3b      Dr. K.R.Meena                    Friday               228

After Completion of Treatment       1a      Dr. Amitabh Kumar              Friday               230

11 Rheumatology clinic                   3b     Dr. Isha Saini                      Friday                237

12 Critical Care Facility                    1b     Dr. Sandeep                       Friday                236   

 Units              Unit-Incharge                     Days 

 Unit 1A          Dr. Rani Gera                     Monday

 Unit 2A          Dr. P.K. Dabata                   Tuesday

 Unit 3A          Dr. Sugandha Arya             Wednesday 

 Unit 1B          Dr. H Chellani                     Thursday 

 Unit 2B          Dr. Ajay Kumar                    Friday

 Unit 3B          Dr. K R Meen                       Saturday



HOD – Prof.(Dr.) Anup Kumar1

  Unit I Unit II
  Dr.Anup Kumar

M.S.(Surg), M.Ch.Urology (AIIMS-Gold Medalist), DNB (Urology) MNAMS,

Uro-Oncology Clinical Fellowship in Advanced Robotics (USA), AUA Chakraborty Fellow (USA), Nodal Officer Renal Transplant & Oncology

Professor & HOD

OPD Days :  Tuesday & Friday

OT Days : Monday, Wednesday,Thursday

Dr.Pawan Vasudeva

M.S.(Surg), M.R.C.S. (Ed) U.K.,

M.Ch.Urology, EAU Fellow (Austria),

JUA Fellow (Japan), AUA Chakraboraty Fellow (USA)

Professor & Unit Head

OPD Days: Monday & Thursday

OT Days :  Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Unit-wise OPD Rooms Allocation (Super Speciality Block-SSB)


HOD – Prof.(Dr.) Anup Kumar

Head – Dr.Anup Kumar Head – Dr.Pawan Vasudeva
OPD Days : Tuesday & Friday OPD Days : Monday & Thursday
Room No. Faculty Room No. Faculty
19 Dr.Anup Kumar, Professor & HOD 14 Dr.Pawan Vasudeva, Professor
20 Dr.Siddharth Yadav, Assistant Professor 20 Dr.Arun Makkar, Assistant Professor
21 Dr.Sandeep Kumar, Assistant Professor

Dr.Vijayendra S Kanwar, Assistant Professor

21 Dr.Niraj Kumar, Assistant Professor
22 Dr.R.P.Arora, CMO (SAG) *

Dr.Ruchi Mittal, Assistant Professor

22 Dr.R.P.Arora, CMO (SAG) *

Dr.Swatantra Rao, Assistant Professor

*Dr.R.P.Arora, CMO (SAG) will sit in OPD of both the units, representing respective units.

Special Clinics conducted by the department

Clinic Unit Day & Time Room Nos.
Renal Transplant Clinic   Wednesday/ 10am-1pm 19
Uro-Oncology Clinic I Friday/ 2-4pm 19
Uro-Oncology FU Clinic II Wednesday/ 2-4pm 21
Neuro-Urology & Female Urology Clinic II Wednesday/ 2-4pm 14


Pharmacology Overview:The Department of Pharmacology is located on the sixth floor of the college building. The department is committed to strive for and achieve excellence in teaching and research. 

The research activities of the department are mainly focused in the area of inflammation, neuropharmacology and clinical pharmacology. The department is one of the centers for the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI)

Psychiatry The Department of Psychiatry at Safdarjung Hospital was established almost four decades ago, which is currently one of the fast-growing departments in the hospital with presently six faculty members, five senior residents and fifteen PG residents. It was established with the mandate to address psychological issues in the medically ill and provide basic mental health services to the population of Delhi and surrounding areas but now with expansion of mental health services it has become a referral centre for psychiatry services.

The department has shifted to new OPD premises in 2018. The Outpatient department is located at 3rd Floor, B-wing, OPD Block. The 40 (forty) bedded Psychiatry ward (Ward 41) is located opposite the Department of Forensic Medicine, Hospital Gate No. 5. Admissions are taken for both male and female patients with an attendant.

providing quality mental health services to more than 50000 patients annually in 2018-2019. Department is actively involved in treatment of mental disorders and aims to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with them. 


Dr. Kuldip Kumar            –    Professor, Consultant and HOD

Dr. Pankaj Verma           –    Professor & Senior Specialist

Dr. Abhilasha Yadav      –   Associate Professor

Dr Rahul Saha               –     Assistant Professor

Dr Manushree Gupta    –     Associate Professor

Dr Shaily Mina                –     Assistant Professor


  1. GENERAL PSYCHIATRY OPD   – Runs daily on working days 

                                                                  (Monday to Saturday)                                                    

Registration timings             – 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Monday to Friday)

         (Computerized)                  –   9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Saturday)

                                                                       (Room No. 331 A  B- Wing, 3rd .

Radiology and Imaging DESCRIPTION

  • The Department of Radiology and Imaging is as old as Safdarjung hospital. It offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional radiological facilities to indoor patients, outpatients and patients attending the accident and emergency services.
  • The Department is equipped with the state-of-the-art modern radiological diagnostic and interventional equipment including MRI (1.5T and 3T systems), Multi slice Spiral CT (40-slice and 256-slice scanners), USG including Colour Doppler, Mammography, Sonography, OPG, Image Intensifier, CR and DR systems and DSA system and offers a vast array of modern cross-sectional and conventional radiological investigations. Interventional procedures including Vascular interventions (angioplasty and stenting, embolization, thrombolysis, TACE, etc) and various Non-vascular interventions like Hepatobiliary interventions (PTBD, biliary stenting etc.), Musculoskeletal intervention..
Radiotherapy The Department of Radiotherapy, Safdarjung Hospital is one of the oldest departments of Radiotherapy in North India. This department provides for free radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments to cancer patients. Besides outpatient services, the department also has inpatient services.

 The Department has 03(three) “Rotational cobalt Machines”. Presently only one TELECOBALT MACHINE(THERATRON ELITE 80) is functional, while two other cobalt machines have been approved for condemnation. The Department has submitted a plan for procurement of two modern Linear Accelerators, one single low energy (sanction already received) and other being high energy in replacement of existing Telecobalt units.

The Department has a High Dose Rate-Remote Controlled Brachytherapy Unit. The machine is presently not functional. Effort………..

Sports Injury Centre A. Introduction

The department of “Sports Injury Centre” is a unique, one of its kind, Centre in India, dedicated to delivering the highest standards of integrated diagnostic, therapeutic (“keyhole surgeries”), and rehabilitative services for sports injuries by arthroscopic management.

During 2008, considering the long felt need of the nation, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India decided to upgrade and upscale the facilities of Sports Injury & Joint Disorder in Safdarjung Hospital and establish a modern Sports Injury Centre as a separate department. It was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 26th September, 2010 before the onset of the Commonwealth Games, 2010. It is housed in a separate seven storey building with two basements, within the campus of VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital.

The Centre has state of the art Modular Operation Theatres where complex surgeries for ligament reconstruction and joint preservation as well as joint replacement are undertaken by highly trained Orthopaedic surgeons.  The Centre has a dedicated floor equipped with the latest electrotherapy machines with a separate hydrotherapy wing, a cardio gym, a strength gym and an isokinetic machine for monitoring post-operative rehabilitation.

It also houses Laboratory services and Radiological Imaging services for routine and advanced diagnostic services on the “Public-Private Partnership (PPP)” model, which is also one of its kind in India. These tests are conducted at CGHS approved rates for all patients. These lab and imaging services are used by patients from various departments of the hospital as well as from other places.

 B. Services:The Centre aims to provide an exceptional working environment for its staff focusing on continuous education and quality improvement so as to provide excellent patient care at international standards. The Centre deals with Sports Injuries (Arthroscopy) & late sequel of sports injury (Arthritis & Joint Replacement). Services include:

  • Diagnosis & treatment of hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow & wrist injuries including surgeries for ligament reconstruction and cartilage repair
  • Providing team care for national & international sporting events apart from management of sports injuries and education for injury prevention
  • Baseline examination for athletes
  • Nominated as nodal referral centre during numerous national and international sports events, starting from Commonwealth Games 2010; also the referral centre during the Rio Olympics held in 2016.

Some of the common surgeries performed in the department include:

  • Arthroscopic and open ligament reconstruction surgeries for knee, ankle and other joints (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, PLC, POL, multi-ligamentous injuries, ATFL, CFL, etc),
  • Recurrent patellar dislocations,
  • Cartilage defects,
  • Shoulder dislocation surgeries,
  • Rotator cuff tear,
  • AC joint surgeries,
  • Joint replacement surgeries for knee/hip/shoulder and other joints, etc.

C. Faculty members:

The following are the faculty members working in the department:

Dr. R.K. Arya                            Director

Dr. Himanshu Kataria          Professor

Dr. Hitesh Lal                      Sr. Specialist

Dr. Skand Sinha                Sr. Specialist

Dr. Deepak Joshi               Sr. Specialist

Dr. Vineet Jain                        Professor

Dr. Ankit Goyal                    Associate Professor

Dr. Himanshu Gupta        Associate Professor

Dr. Nitin Mehta                    Associate Professor

Dr. Ajay                                Associate Professor

Dr. Pallav Mishra               Associate Professor

Dr. Jaswant Kumar                           Assistant Professor

Col. (Dr.) B.K. Nayak         Specialist (Sports Medicine), on deputation

  The department has diversity of specialties under one roof:

  • Highly trained and experienced faculty members from Orthopaedics (sports injuries)
  • Sports physician (currently posted on deputation from Army)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports psychologist
  • Athletic trainers
  • Massage therapists
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Contact: No. 011-26164887

Location: D Wing, OPD Block, Entry from door leading to lift for MS office & Main Entrance of OPD Block.

Since 1971, the PMR dept of SJH has been established as one of its kind apex and nodal centres for medical rehabilitation in the entire Northern region of the country. The department has been headed by eminent physicists of the country.

  1. Dr B P Yadav:  1971-1986           
  2. Dr G Ramdas
  3. Dr R K Srivastava: 1986-1996
  4. Dr H C Goyal: 1996-2006
  5. Dr S Y Kothari: 2006-2011
  6. Dr Rajendra Sharma: 2011-2012
  7. Dr Monica Laishram: 2012-2020
  8. Dr R K Wadhwa: 2020- Till date

Over the years it has grown from only an outdoor unit to an indoor ward and day care wards. In addition to Physiatry services it also provides comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Department has complete Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation setup which include:

  1. Medical advice – OPD & Referrals
  2. Indoor Services – Ward 33
  3. Rehabilitation surgery
  4. Occupational therapy
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Medical Social Work section
  7. Remedial Gymnasium & Obesity Control Clinic
  8. Prosthetic & Orthotic Workshop
  9. Rural Rehabilitation Services
  10. Clinical psychology
  11. Vocational training section

Department caters to patients reporting directly to OPD and referred cases from other departments of the hospital.  Patients coming to the Department of PMR are first examined by a specialist doctor in OPD who investigates the case, diagnoses it and advises treatment. For chronic cases, management planning is done in special clinics like – Polio clinic, Early intervention clinic, Cerebral palsy & Paediatric neuro-rehabilitation clinic, Stroke & Adult neuro-rehabilitation clinic, Spina………..

Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Introduction

The department was set up in 1991 for specialized, tertiary care of patients with Pulmonary ailments, critical illness and sleep disorders.

Location:                      Super Specialty Block (SSB), 6th Floor

OPD Days:             All working days (Monday to Saturday) 

Registration Time  :    08.30 to 11.30 AM (11.00 Am on Saturdays)

OPD Room No’s   :      612, 613, 614, 615

Dept Ward No:            Ward – 32

Surgery The Surgery Department of the hospital does many endoscopy guided surgeries apart from conventional surgeries. The Department has six units. The OLD and OT are run all six days of the week. There is a Separate emergency ward-B in casualty  Building First Floor..
Apex Regional STD Teaching Training and Research Centre Location of the Department

5th Floor, C-Wing  New OPD Building

VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

Established in –   1956  

The department is functioning as the Regional STD Teaching, Training & Research Centre, Govt. of India. The Centre gives direct support to the public health programmes of immense importance i.e. National STD Control Programme and National AIDS Control Programme through Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS). It has been recognized as Apex Centre for STIs by NACO in 2009.


a. Integrated Counselling & Testing Centre (ICTC) for HIV

S.No. Name of the Group No. of Post Sanctioned (live) In Position
1. Group A Gazetted 457 336
2. Group B Gazetted 62 34
3. Group B Non Gazetted 1470 1340
4. Group C 2220 1887
5. Resident Doctors/PG/DNB/Intern 1570 1290
  Total 5779 4887


  1. S.V. ARYA

   Medical Superintendent

  5th Floor, M.S.Office, New OPD Building 

  Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi-110 029.

               Telephone No.: 011- 26190763, 26707282

    Fax:  011-26163072

                                                           Additional Medical Superintendents:

Dr. Prem Kumar (Ph: 011-26164277, 011-26707564)

Dr. R.K. Srivastava (Ph: 011-26160638, 011-26707275)

Dr. Rajneesh Sahai (Ph: 011-26195342, 011-26707653)

Dr. Nikhilesh Chandra (Ph: 0i11-26193792, 011-26707362)

Dr. R.K.Wadhwa (Ph: 011-26161342, 011-26707353)

Deputy Director Administration(DDA)

Mr. S.N.G. Mohelas A

Ph: 011-26167491, 26707276

Fax: 011-26167491

Public Relation Officer (PRO)

Ph: 011-26161165, 011-26707386